Treating Abnormality- Psychological Therapies

Sally often gets anxious forĀ  no apparent reason. She believes that people do not like her and becomes distressed when she has to meet strangers. She is very nervous and becomes distressed when faced with new or unexpected situations. Sally has referred to a therapist for psychoanalysis.

(i) Outline two techniques used in psychoanalysis (2+2)

  • c

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  • client encouraged to talk freely (without censoring material so repressed material can be accessed) about thoughts that come to mind
  • no matter how trivial or bizarre
  • free association of other ideas lead to other thoughts that may extend back to childhood
  • therapists intervene occasionally to encourage refletion on particular experiences
  • therapist will identify key themes and ideas
  • Freud introduced free association to try and get around the defences put up by the ego so material from the unconscious can be surfaced

Dream analysis




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